Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.


Q. Do you ship from overseas/China?
A. Absolutely not! All products are from the USA and shipped from the USA.


Q. Where do you ship to?
A. We only ship to the United States & most items do ship to Canada unless listed otherwise. We do not ship internationally to any other countries.


Q. How much is shipping?
A. Due to the change in shipping costs the shipping rates are as follows:


Flat Rate shipping (all prices in USD):


USA – $ 7.99




**Please keep in mind some items may reflect a higher shipping due to weight. 

Q. Do you provide tracking numbers?
A. Yes if applicable, we will email them to you when your order has been shipped from our warehouses. If you have multiple items purchased, they may be shipped from different warehouses in which you will receive multiple tracking numbers for separate items.


Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. Sorry, there are absolutely no cancellations. Most orders are processed within 24 hours. Once items ordered are processed through our warehouses for fulfillment the order cannot be canceled.


Q. Do you have a storefront?
A. No. We are only online.


Q. I ordered a product then I got an email indicating the product that I ordered is out of stock. What happens now?
A. Once you received the notification email, you will be informed that your purchase will be refunded for the specific out of stock item. You may if you choose to, to substitute with another item of the same price. You will have 24 hours to respond with your choice otherwise you will receive a refund.


Q. Why do items become out of stock when I made my purchase?
A. Reason for this is because our warehouses serve many other businesses as well which will cause an item to become out of stock at the time of purchase. We do our best to stay on top of inventory however a product may become out of stock before we get an undated inventory list. Unfortunately this is beyond our control.


Q. Do you accept returns?
A. At this time we do not accept returns. Please see our “shipping” page at bottom of our website for full details regarding refunds/returns. https://binspiredboutique.online/pages/shipping
Q. Am I able to receive a refund for my purchase?
A. There are no refunds except if an item is out of stock in our warehouse at time of purchase. There may be some special circumstances that a refund may be issued depending on the circumstance. Please see Shipping & Refunds for more info.


Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my item(s)?
A. Usually it will take 7 – 10 business days, possibly less. Print on demand and all natural homemade products may take 10-14 days due to production. Please be mindful of slow shipping due to weather, holidays etc. Please see “shipping” page for full details. https://binspiredboutique.online/pages/shipping


Q. Will my items be shipped in different packages or shipments?
A. Yes, We have multiple warehouses, suppliers and fulfillment centers through the USA, therefore orders with multiple items may be shipped from different warehouse and will be received in separate shipments. You will receive an email regarding your order if it is shipped from multiple warehouses. You will also have multiple tracking numbers as well.Tracking numbers will be provided once items are shipped.


Q. What do I do if I receive the wrong item(s)?
A. That is mostly unlikely to happen but sometimes human error will occur, please Contact us right away and let us know. We will do our best to get the correct item to you or correct the issue.


Q. My item(s) are broken. What do I do now?
A. Most of the time received items are broken due to mishandling during shipment or due mishandling by the carrier. In this case, please contact the carrier that shipped your item to file a claim. 
B Inspired Boutique is not responsible for items received broken via shipment.
Q. Product availability
A. Our products change rapidly, as well as sell out quickly which means not all items will always be available.


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