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Welcome To B Inspired Boutique
Where you can be inspired to find your just right unique items in Fashion, Inspirational and Christian items, Patriotic, Bath & Body, Jewelry, Clothing, Handbags and Accessories and so much more just for you….we strive to bring you the best, to bring to you some amazing and awesome and unique items to be able to Inspire you! We have so many great and popular suppliers, fulfillment centers and warehouses/distributors throughout the USA so we can bring you the best of the best directly to you.  Even though we are faith based, we do not discriminate on individual choices of freedom. Our goal is to Inspire you! 
A lot of B Inspired Boutique proceeds help supports our non-profit ministry as well, Broken 2 B Healed Healing & Deliverance Ministry.  B Inspired Boutique originally started as a fundraiser shop on our ministry site Broken 2 B Healed, then in 2019 it was birthed in to what has now expanded to a full size boutique to inspire everyone with the latest and trendy in-style fashion items as well as bath and body favorites to create your own Spa Party. We serve our local communities by giving back through outreaches and conferences. Our non profit ministry is a great inspiration to so many and we been around serving the state of California for over 15 years and we hope that the products we are able to bring to you will Inspire You as well as encourage you.
So be inspired to Shop for a good cause!
Our motto is BE INSPIRED to SHOP! THIS IS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL your favorite items in one place.
We work with only trust worthy USA suppliers and warehouses so we are sure you will love every product you purchase. Currently we do not ship overseas and all items are from the USA and shipped in the USA. 
Shopping Made Easy!
~Mrs CJ – Inspired Visionary – Kingdom Entrepreneur -Sole Proprietor
We have a mission! A Purpose! Be Encouraged and always be INSPIRED! You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out!
**If there are any site issues, You can email us at binspiredonline@gmail.com 
If you wish to visit our Ministry page we definitely invite you! 
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