Maya - Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Maya - Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. w/ LED changing lights. Modern & Silent

"MAYA"     Our Top Seller! This diffuser runs constantly on one fill of water for over 10 hours straight.  It gradually changes colors between 7 different ambient lights. You can also set it to one color or have it diffuse without lights. When it is empty, it automatically shuts off. It is extremely easy to fill with water and its motor is silent.  White or Black available. NEW 3-BUTTON TECHNOLOGY FOR EASY OPERATION MIDDLE BUTTON Press Once to start the diffusion in continuous mode at the highest diffusion volume of 30ml/hour Press Twice to start diffusion for 60 minutes then OFF Press A Third Time for intermittent diffusion - 30 sec ON / 30 sec OFF for 120 minutes then OFF Press A Fourth Time to switch the diffuser OFF RIGHT BUTTON Press Once to turn the White Light ON Press Twice to turn the White Light OFF LEFT BUTTON Press Once for Medium Volume at 22ml/hour Press Twice for Low Volume at 15ml/hour Press A Third Time for High Volume at 30ml/hour FEATURES / SPECIFICATIONS > 200ML WATER TANK with safety Auto Shut-Off feature when unit runs out of water > LED COLOR SPECTRUM WITH OVER 14 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM Watch as the AZTEC changes through the colors of the rainbow, or you may choose for the diffuser to stay on one color continuously. You may even choose to turn the light off while continuing to diffuse! > 8 to 10 HOUR CONTINUOUS DIFFUSION on one tank of water > EASY TO FILL just remove the top carefully, fill with water and replace the top > DIMENSIONS 5.4" Diameter x 6.3" Tall; 1000 SQ FT COVERAGE perfect for any room in the house, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom Input Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz Output Power Supply: DC 24V 500mA Ceramic Disc Lifespan:  /- 3,000 Hours Dimensions: 5.2" in Diameter 8.3" Tall

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